Friday, September 30, 2011

date night

I got to thinking about date night last night.

There aren't many date nights around here during the school season, and even if there were, we can never figure out what to do. Jason and I have VERY different thoughts on fun.

For example: I love to go to the river walk down town; Jason hates walking. Jason loves to sit and relax while playing video games, I tell him that's not a date. He goes to say, "Well, we just need to get another controller..." Yup, fun times!

While I was thinking, I thought that all we really do is what I like to do on our dates. Then I felt really selfish. We do go down town once in a while, we go to the mall (I like window shopping), and we go to the hardware store (it's our thing lately).

But what if I just got someone to watch the kids and all we did was order take out, come home and just be home without kids. I know, for a woman, not so romantic, but I want Jason to HAVE FUN too.

I really do just think about myself when it comes to date night. I want to get out of the little, suffocating, house. I want, I want , I want. What does Jason want? What do our husbands want?

Just some things that were on my mind lately. What do you think?

Ok, a post, isn't a post without some pics. So here are some random pictures of our crazy life.

Haven't had a bath picture in a while...

 This is what I find most days.

 The internet doesn't do this picture justice, those blue eyes are intense here!

 more big blue eyes!

 fun park times.

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