Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mama projects

Hello ladies (and the rare gentleman)!

I haven't had a whole lot of time to start my DIY projects I want to do. But these are my Mama projects I have been working on. And some I am going to start.... enjoy!

Part 1: what i have done
Last post I showed you all a picture of my gorgeous farmers market flowers, I thought they was so beautiful that I had to make a table "runner" for them. This was so easy, and it adds to our large table! Ignore the bad lighting. 

I also have been busy designing the new 2011-2012 girls basketball t-shirts. Here they are, on a black shirt then on a white...

I have gotten into this new thing.... the crock pot. With Jason being gone at nights, and supper time being the whiniest time of the day, it's so nice to just put things in a enormous bowl and let it do the work! 

 A lifegroup friend just became a mom a month ago, and her sister (a very intelligent woman in my book) gave her a huge book of crockpot recipes. I have stolen many, and once I try them, I will share.... 
oh yeah!

Part 2: what i am starting
Now, I know what I want to start working on... and I plan on starting these mama projects, but the key word is PLAN! 

This I saw on Pinterest (by they way, some of my mama friends just introduced pinterest and I, and I think its going to be a great relationship), and I thought they were too adorable to just pass up. This is the link to these adorable little creations: http://dsquilts.com/fabric_and_patterns.asp?PageID=187

I will, 100%, start this mama project this weekend... can you tell what it is? Here's a story for you... my 8 month old son, Gray, fell down our wooden basement steps yesterday. He is fine, just a bump and bruise and a trip to the ER.
 I know, not that great of a story, but now we are putting in this half door. Right now it's ugly, but I plan on sprucing it up with some fun colors and chalkboard paint! Just wait and see!

Yes, this is STILL in my mama projects list, but this is our front door. It will be painted, I just don't know when. 

I hope you enjoy all these as much as I have and will! Happy projects to you all!

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