Thursday, March 10, 2011


Happy March! 

Today is Grayson's 2 month birthday, according to the weeks, not the month date. It has been 8 weeks since he was born..... already! I say this every time I blog, and for this I apologize... but I'm going to say it again... I can't believe how fast our time and days go. It feels like yesterday when I was walking into the hospital, about to puke and cry all in one, to have him and here he is, a chunker-monker little man. 

It feels like yesterday that we were having Nevaeh's 1 year pictures, that I married my best friend and it feels like yesterday that I found my church home. That I found my church family, and that was 8 years ago this spring! How time flies.

Well, that's enough of my sappy moment, sorry about that. Moving on: I have appropriately named this blog PICTURES!!!!!!!! because I have posted probably 20 today! This last month has been busy, busy, busy! But a fun busy. We have gone on some great play dates with our life group families, we have been able to play outside, and we have done a couple family things. It has been wonderful, difficult with some days, but wonderful to grow as a family of four.

I really hope you enjoy these as much as I love taking them!! 

Grayson's 2 month pictures! If you look back to our ONE MONTH and TWO... already! blog post, you can see how much he has grown.

Our new bouncer thanks to friends who gave us a late baby present! He loves to stand and is only really happy and smiley when he is standing, so this is going to be great when he actually can reach the floor!

I love this sequence of pictures. It's Grayson progressively smiling, in his crib.

Nevaeh found ballerina pajamas and daddy showed her how to twirl.

This is Nevaeh's hard work practicing her N's and straight lines. 

Kidsfest with Nevaeh, she loved Dora!

Her balloon monkey!

We made a shaker/drum with the many empty can's of formula we have.

Play date with friends!! Monkey joes...
Up the stairs....
Down the slide!!!

Grayson's first day outside with Nevaeh and I! 

This is what I came downstairs to. It melted my heart and made me smile to see my favorite people all in one place! Grayson is giving me his oh-so curious look. Who does he look like?

Trying to get her to actually smile for me, not just say the words, cheese or smile. This is the best I got! She is so silly. Or in Nevaeh's words, "Vaeh's so so silly, mommy"

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