Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ONE MONTH and TWO... already!

Oh my goodness.... within the last week my baby girl has turned 2 and my little man will be one month tomorrow, thursday. That is CRAZINESS! 

The last two weeks have been much better. Grayson still has constipation issues, but is finally settling into a routine and sleeping amazingly at night. He is responding to me with smiles, and even at Nevaeh today when she was talking to him 5 inches from his face. He has some funny faces, and I really can't tell who he looks like. Sometimes I see Jason so clearly, but then at times he looks nothing like his daddy. 

At his two week check up he was 20 inches and 8 lbs. 12 oz. He's a little piggers, eating 4 ounces already. Boys are so much different than girls, or it may just be each baby is so much different from another. 

Nevaeh never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge, always spitting out some random something or another. We have a mother-daughter quiet time every day and she looks through her bible story books telling me what's going on in the picture. She is a wonderful big sister and I can't wait for the day when I get to see my kids play together. 

Some of her sayings now are:
"I run super fast"
"This is the best (enter food here) I ever ate"

She also sings the ABC's and twinkle little star almost word for word. She knows pretty much every letter of the alphabet and can't get enough of stickers. If you walk in our house, you will probably leave with a sticker given to you. 

Thats it on the updates! Enjoy the pictures!

One of the funny faces.

Bathtime, he loves it just as much as Nevaeh did! 

Grandpa Steve gave him this sleeper and I allowed him to wear it. :)

Cutie pie!

sleeping... obviously

One month pictures.

I love this one! 

NEVAEH'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!! She is saying cheese, but doesn't really do the smile cheese like normal people! She messes up her mouth when she says it. 

She got skates from Nana for her birthday and loves them! She is also saying cheese here. 

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