Monday, February 21, 2011

Goober and Little man

Over the last couple of weeks Goober has really enjoyed being with Little man. She likes to sing to him and Little man always ends up smiling. I have been enjoying seeing Nevaeh being with Grayson, that is why there is a handful of pictures of them together. 

This week has been a week of changes and here is a list of them:
1. Last week we were able to play outside everyday! Can you believe it, we went on a walk and I was able to wear shorts! Its was the middle of February! Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures because I was so excited just to be out of the house, I forgot the camera. We went to the park, and went on a couple walks, played with chalk and chased peanut (our dog) around the yard. Little man didn't join us, but when it gets even warmer he will!

2. Grayson changed his formula for the 4th time. So far, he is doing amazingly well and pooping normally without prune juice. A couple others things have gotten better, but its too much to get into. 

3. Nevaeh stopped wearing diapers! She has finished her 3rd day of potty training and has only had 3 accidents today. Two of which were poop; she hadn't poo'd in 3 days since we started, so, to me, that was a good thing! 

4. I can start working out again! woo hoo! :)
Well here are the pictures!

We just got done doing our quiet time and she wanted to read to Grayson.

 She is saying cheese here. I don't remember what she was doing with Grayson.

 Watching cartoons with Grayson. She had to have him by her side.

 Saying cheese again.

 Grayson playing on his jungle mat thingy. I loves the polka dots and stares at them for a long time. 

 This is him at almost 6 weeks. He will be 6 weeks on thursday. 

 He had thrush and they put this violet stuff in he mouth and it died his mouth purple for a couple days! You can't really tell here, but his lips are purple.

We went swimming at Nana's apartment building with her new swimming suit! Thanks Eden and
Brielle (sp??). 

 She is going to be a swimmer, she absolutely loves the water and would keep swimming for hours if 
she could! 

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