Friday, September 7, 2012

project fails and exciting firsts

So Nevaeh doesn't experience as many firsts anymore. Growing up does that.

But Wednesday night she had Awanas for the first time. She didn't want to go at first, but wanted to stay home with daddy since we don't see as much. Her tune was a different story once we got there. She even asked me when I was leaving.

I loved seeing her there. She was in her element. School is one of her favorite things and everyday she wants to do school. She takes after her mama in that aspect. She soaks up everything she can.

She told me a little while into the "school" time, she asked me to leave. HAHA! Miss Independent. I don't mind, though, but I don't always give her want she wants. So I stayed for a little longer. Then I went upstairs for little bit and was able to have a wonderful chat with my good friend and sister (in-Christ) Jessica White.

Nevaeh did wonderful and we can not wait to go next week.

Project fail!

So, I try different things through out the week. Whether ideas from pinterest or projects with the kids. Well, both were total fails this week. 

Paper mache fail. The kids DID NOT like it. Gray hates getting messy (except when he's eating) and Nevaeh just wasn't interested. So we made this huge mess, only to clean it up 2 minutes later. Well, I still have to wash the tarp 2 days later. 

 These are carrot chips. They actually would have turned out fine, but I added WAY too much olive oil and WAY, WAY too much salt. I will try these next time and adjust my sprinkling a little. 

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