Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mama DIY mini projects

I have a lot of little projects going on and it's been fun!

These two are small and simple but make my house look a little more neat. That's my goal, because I stay here all day, I want to make my house look better and homey one little idea at a time! Oh and make it more functional too.

We are going to be starting preschool within a year. Yes, I am home-schooling, and very excited! And I have wanted to start getting our school area ready. I have the chalk board and of course the next step would be the alphabet. 

I was going to buy something, you know, classroomish looking, but I this was a better idea. Now, painting and I aren't best friends, but it turned out pretty good! 

 My next mini project is so simple. I was getting tired of trying to remember which oil is olive and which is vege. I just painted on chalkboard paint that we had left (primed first) and tada! I can tell which is which! 

I have a couple other projects I'm excited about. A couple sewing projects and gift projects. Plus, I still haven't forgotten about those fun kids projects we are doing!  Have a great couple days!

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