Sunday, October 10, 2010

New experiences

Hello, Hello!!

Our top 4 new experiences this month.... 

Jason raked for the first time today and she jumped right in! She ran, dove, explored all the leaves. Oh yeah, and wrestled with daddy. 

I love this picture!

She has entered gymnastics this last month and seems to love it! Its perfect for energetic little self, not so good for a slow last trimester prego lady though. Its fun to watch her run on that really neato long trampoline and walk on the beam. 

Running on the really neato long trampoline thing. 

"swinging" on the rope like Diego!

She has been trying to jump all summer and she finally made it off the ground one day on these flat boxes.  She is doing a fake fall here and loves fake falling. Its so funny to see what kids come up with. 

Mid-air jump

I gave her some stickers and loves them! She puts them on the top of her feet and walk around and randomly take them off and put them on things. (We have been putting things in garage sales and seeing us price things). 

Random photos.... 

I absolutely love this age and the new things Nevaeh is doing!!! People say the best age is when they can't crawl yet, but still is interactive, but I very much disagree! I love this age Nevaeh is at and the more she grows and gets smarter, its so fun to watch! 

I am feeling good and pictures of baby Karaidos boy will up when the room gets done. I am so excited to meet him and see who he looks like!! 3 more months, it has gone by so fast!

Well, God Bless! 

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