Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy start of the holidays!

Bonjour!  Ca va? (how are you?)

We are all finally feeling better and hopefully I can say that for a long while! 2 weeks ago, Nevaeh got the flu (poor thing was so scared, didn't know what was going on) and then last week Jason and I got it at the exact same time. Talk about poor timing, because we couldn't move let a lone take care of our daughter! But now, praise the Lord! and prayerfully, we are all done with that yucky stuff for the season.

So after all that, Halloween did come and I don't particularly like Halloween but it was somewhat fun this year. We took Nevaeh to Merle Hay mall, and it was fun to see a safe environment for kids to have fun with this holiday. Jason and I haven't decided if we are going to take her out trick or treating or not later on, but for now, I like the mall. We bought her skeleton pajamas (boring, I know, but people got it) and she kept calling herself a monkey. I don't know why, but we asked if she was a skeleton and she would say, "No, I'm a monkey." So, ok, she thought she was monkey, whatever floats her boat.

On that note, Nevaeh is an amazing talker! We can actually hold a conversation with her and she will answer us and talk to us with words, not sounds. Its a lot of fun, and I'm in awe of her everyday.

I feel good and baby boy Karaidos is getting bigger and more wiggly. He likes to be curled up in a ball and in one spot. Usually, its in the most uncomfortable spot for me; either on my bladder or somewhere near my spine that my back kills until he moves.

Ok, enough talking and I'll get to the pictures. Oh, one more thing, I love the holidays and I'm so excited for them and to celebrate Jesus' birth this year! So HAPPY START TO THE HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Pumpkin carving!! You know Nevaeh is my daughter when she goes right into the pumpkin to grab the guts! She had a blast and was so excited to see it happening. She kept saying, "I excited mommy!" Although when Jason start to cut it she said, "oh no, the pumpkin owey (sp?)" that is the first picture.

Family shot with pumpkin

Mr. Toad Pumpkin, i think it looks like a frog


 Her first experience with reeses peanut butter cups! 

I didn't mention this up there, but this is her FIRST HAIRCUT!! She did wonderful!

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  1. Reese's peanut butter cups are awesome! Glad to know she has such great taste... :) I love your background, btw!