Friday, October 30, 2009

First Hallween

Well hello! It has been a while.

There hasn't been huge adventures since the last. We did have a infected toe that doubled in size (about as big as my thumb) and had puss oozing out. She had to have antibiotics, but now she is good and her toe looks like it went through a war. It's kinda gross to look at!

She is talking all the time and has yelling matches. She does a short, but very fierce ;) "eee" sound, and we do it back. She gets louder and louder, its quite laughable. 

And today was her first Halloween! My family has a tradition of sloppy joes every Halloween, so we just bought her a pumpkin shirt and passed out candy. She tried to eat her first Halloween candy, but we got to her first. Maybe next year! 

Have a wonderful month and we will see you a couple days after Thanksgiving! Oh, one super de-duper thing, in 5 more days, she will be 9 months!!! CRA-AZY! 

Does she look like a boy??

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