Friday, September 4, 2009

Hey Fam!

Hello and welcome to all!

I want to explain the blog's name first... since Karaidos is just Karaidos plural, people started saying Karaidi (which I think would be correct). It's just more fun to say!

Second, I wanted to create this to keep all I don't see, as much as I would like, a little closer. Also, I have always wanted one of these!

So, today Nevaeh Grace is 7 months and probably over 18 pounds. She is crawling but doesn't do it all that much, as she gets around much faster by army crawling. She is the most observant, adventurous little girl I've ever met. Anything new she wants to touch and explore. I think she'll be the one to bring me toads and bugs with a huge smile on her face. She loves grass and concrete, trying to pick at the blades and rocks.

We are transitioning back into the school year right now. It's difficult for Nevaeh, seeing daddy most of the day, to not seeing him much because of coaching, but her face just lights up all the more when he comes home!

Well, have a wonderful weekend and a great September!
God Bless,


  1. What can I say except she's beautiful, smart, and so advanced for her age and I'm so proud to be her " grandma Val "

  2. Love the family pics. You guys all look great! Kambree misses her friend. Now the trick to the blog is keeping it updated, if you figure out how to do it, let me know! Melissa, Kyle, Kambree