Monday, July 23, 2012

Priceless Art

I was so excited to decorate our new house after moving in. Having an idea ready and waiting for every single room. I basically mentally Pinterested my entire house; some my own ideas and others not so much.

I had dreams of an amazing family picture collage in hallway, really neat shelving in the family room, and beautiful art in the kitchen.

Well, fortunately I have Nevaeh and Gray's rooms done and they are too cute. Unfortunately, 2 months later, that's all that is done.

Until now.

Today, my favorite piece of art I have ever hung was placed on the wall today.

I have had a blank canvass for a long time now and I could not decide what to do.

Until today.

My Priceless art.....

Nevaeh painted the top with her hand prints. And Gray painted the bottom with his foot prints. Then I used a permanent marker and wrote this verse. 

 Perfect for their play/school room.

I realized after taking the pics that I forgot the reference to this verse. Don't worry, it's on now. 

I am definitely going to be doing more kids inspired art for the rest of the house. I can't wait. 

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