Thursday, September 16, 2010



There really isn't much to share this month. It's been kinda slow and some what relaxing. Jason has started school and football within the last month and as far as I can tell, he enjoy teaching elementary PE. I know a kindergardener tried to beat him up... ask Jason about it... he does all the actions along with the story... pretty funny!

Our baby boy is growing the way he is supposed to, everything is normal, so everything is good! I'm getting bigger, and you can actually tell I'm prego now. Well, I see it, you would have to be the judge of it.
No pictures of that yet though.

Nevaeh is pretty much talking. She can say 2 and 3 word sentences like she's been doing it for years. She can count to 10 if we start it off at 1. She knows which number is 2 and 3 if seen and she basically knows every animal you can think of for a kid to know. Even some others. Its crazy how she is growing and never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and learning!

I am excited for this season and pumpkin patches and fall weather! I'm also excited for the first major snow fall and to see her play in it! We might be outside more in the winter than in the summer! :)

Tis also consignment season and its a good thing because we have NOTHING for a boy! I'm hoping to get to some garage sales before the season is over but our weekends have been ridiculous crazy!

Well, here are a few pics. GOD BLESS!

Random pic... look at her long hair!

looking through one of our scrapbooks. she kept saying "mommy, sleeping, shhh"

Her first real encounter with lion king and she loved it! 

at the mall on some riding toys. she wasn't happy when we left!

story time before bed! 

isn't she precious!!

this was a day she would not take a hat off, nor would she wear it the right way! 

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