Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We had poop.... now there's PUKE!!!!!!

Well, once upon a time we had a little girl who pooped out pudding like turds, and so she ate it. Now, right after leaving daddy's lap, and I mean seconds after, she came to me and just vomited all over me. If you look closely, its even on my chin. I was freaking out, although it doesn't look it, telling jason to get Nevaeh because she wanted to sit on my lap afterwards. But he decides to get the camera and take a picture. At the time, I admit I was quite annoyed, but now I'm glad he did. 

This was her first big puke moment and of course it had to be all over her mama. I was so grossed out. My poor girl... we couldn't figure out what was wrong... we decided she must have drank too much milk at one time a little bit before. 

Other than that momentous moment, we have been having a wonderful time outside. She absolutely loves it!! She enjoys examining things and bringing me things she found. We have gone to the park and thanks to g-ma val we got a wonderful wagon to go on walks with!! 

She is also talking soooo much now. She says hi all the time and now says bye. She also answers a lot of questions with "yes" or "yep". Most of the time, she answers somewhat correctly and if its a no answer she doesn't say anything. She says "baby", because she absolutely adores babies and is going to be an amazing older sister! I can see it!!!!!! 

I just can't believe how wonderful she is and what a blast we do have. Yes, we do have our moments and I get impatient and mad, but for the most part, I love being with her! She is like my best friend (kinda), and I love her soo much!

the puke moment

She is looking, examining a rock I believe. 

just being outside

just being adorable!!!

Thank you g-ma and g-pa brown! She loves to make baskets, not only with the ball but with her babies (dolls), books and other toys too.

Giving some love to peanut

After a month and a half we finally took down the decor and she had a blast with all the paper.

We do use it outside, but I had to clean it first!

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