Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little miss mom


I have some great news, it was sunny this week! But we now have a large yard full of dog poop, I know that sounds completely disgusting. All I'm saying is that our duplex neighbor has a large dog.....

Nevaeh is now a toddler, and such a little mom. She has started to comfort Nathan when he gets hurt, kind of scolds the dog when she barks and brings the baby we watch her blanket. I feel like I'm going to be saying, "honey, you're not the mom" more than once in one day when she gets older. She is also getting an attitude on her. If any of you have advice in teaching her to reign back her attitude, please let me know! 

We have had some fun since the last time. We watch a little 2 1/2 month old a couple times a week and Nevaeh loves to say hi and lay with the baby. We went to Kidsfest with cousins Keelie and Luke, which she seemed to enjoy. It took her a little bit to warm up to the vegetales characters. And we have spent many minutes trying on mommies things. 

She has also started saying "Hi". She says hi to anyone and everyone! In the store, we'll walk by someone and she'll say hi, its adorable! I tried to upload a video but it didn't work... if anyone knows how, let me know!

She's going to be a kickboxer and jogger like mommy. She looks like a baby hobbit in this picture.

Go Hoover!

She has realized she can see through our curtains. She sometimes sits behind there for a while just looking and pressing her nose against it. 

One night we couldn't find Nevaeh anywhere, right as I started to panic I glance in the bathroom mirror and this is what I see. I dont' know how she got in there without making a hug curplunk noise, but she's a sneaky little thing. 

Jason has been wonderful in doing the dishes almost everyday lately. This is what I walked into, a sculpture of dishes! 

I put pigtails in her hair for the first time... she didn't know what to do. 


This was the making of our family flag and she grabbed the cloth as she laid her hand down for the print. 

Our friend Danielle.... look how big she is compared to Nevaeh! She's only 2 1/2 months, but a blast to have around!

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