Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter fun!!!!

It is one week and one day before Christmas and my excitement keep growing everyday.

One, I can't wait to see Nevaeh give my grandma and grandpa gifts and her g-ma and g-pa gifts (that she helped wrap), but also to see her open presents. I think every parent get excited to see their kids open the gifts. But also to start traditions that make celebrating Christ's birth a wondrous event.

and Two, everyday is closer to having our baby boy Karaidos here. I have been having a lot of contractions and random pains so I'm hoping I will have him in December!

and Three, my cousin, but you could call her my sister, is coming up from Florida and she has never seen Nevaeh! Yay Punky!!!!!!!!!

Well, we have had almost 2 weeks of not being able to play outside and I have run through all the indoor activities to take up time and wear Nevaeh down. I have been getting more and more tired and groggy so going out has been difficult, but we are getting through and Nevaeh loves the snow so that helps.

Jason and I probably laugh with/at Nevaeh a couple times a day, she is such a hoot. The new things she picks up on is so funny. For instants, when we give her a choice between a couple things, she will put her finger on her chin and go, "hmmm," before she answers. So funny. She is able to read through a book, well ok, not read the words, but she can look at the pictures and tell us what's going on through out the book.

Every morning I usually pray for Jason and baby Karaidos and our day with Nevaeh while we are eating breakfast and she has started wanting to pray for daddy and baby. It's kinda a mumble with a little daddy and baby thrown in there, then she pretty much sings, "AAAAAmeeeen"... its so cute.

Here are some pictures of our activities... Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!! Praise the Lord

We went to mall and road the train in the morning when no one was there and the lady let her ride for 15 minutes or so and Nevaeh loved it!!! 

We did painting with a paint brush and she did wonderful! She was so excited to hold the paint brush. 

He she is saying cheese in front of her art work.

And here she is saying smile for the camera outside. We were outside for 20 minutes and she could probably stay outside for an hour before getting tired of the snow. 

Here is a random picture that I love. I don't know why, its not the best but I do. 

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