Tuesday, December 6, 2011

amazing kids, glorious season

Ok, when the God says "kids are a blessing", that is a major understatement. 

Nevaeh and Grayson are amazing and God has definitely given me more than I would have ever asked for in my kids. 

Then there's Jason. God did good with him! :) I love going to games and watching Jason coach. I look at him and say, "Look at that sexy man down there. He's mine!" :) sorry for the open-ness... kinda.

Couple all that with this glorious season of Christmas and this mama is so joyous! 

We put up our trees (yes, plural!) last Sunday and Nevaeh was soooooo excited. All weekend she kept asking and asking and asking.... and asking about the Christmas tree. Gray obviously didn't know what was going on, but once the lights were on he was mesmerized. 

Now, when the lights are on, Nevaeh gets super excited all over again and Gray just sits and gazes for 10 minutes. He doesn't touch, but just looks; its adorable!

Here is some cuteness for you...
If we did a Christmas card, this would be the picture!

See, he just can't stop looking!

 Nevaeh telling him which ornaments are which.

Fun kids crafts soon!

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