Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy birthday my little one!

Well, it hasn't officially been a year, but close enough! I know moms always say this and it's an over-used saying, but time sure does fly!

I remember like it was yesterday brining her home and not knowing what to do with her... let her sleep in her car-seat or take her out. Now she's one and the question is when should give her the first hair cut, should we have a big party and even when do we start for more?

I love being a mom now. It wasn't daisy and roses (and still isn't, her poops stink real bad!), I had a hard time transitioning, not only from being a new wife, but then being pregnant and a new mom. I suffered from baby blues so bad that for two weeks I didn't want to hold my baby girl and that is one thing I wish I could change. I wish I could go back and hold her more than I did.

But now she's one, and I couldn't be happier with the little dare devil! She is such an independent girl, so much so that sometimes she pushes my hand away to tie her own shoes. She now knows what a cow says and even a lion, she's so much fun!

Here are lots of her first year photos, and in one week I will post up photos of her first birthday party. I haven't been taking as many pictures in just day to day activities and for that I apologize.

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  1. You picked the same favorites as I did for my post coming in a few days:) Glad you got them safe and sound from Wicks! Thanks for the opportunity.